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Here we are, just over 12 months since the newsletter commenced. And what a year it has been! World events speed by with bewildering speed. Prophecy marches on. The hundreds of ethnic groups which descend from Noah and his sons, Shem, Japheth and Ham, are marching toward the most terrible world conflicts which will send to tears this earth's ruling classes planning for a New World Order. In particular, the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic and Nordic nations are rushing toward the most terrifying time imaginable.

Who are the Israelites?

So who are the Israelites? Most readers to this publication know that there is abundant evidence that the Anglo-Saxon-Kelts and Nordics are direct descendants of the so-called 'Lost' Tribes of Israel.

There have been many fine books written by experts over the last 120 years and now, I am excited to say, there is a new school of scholars who are beginning to appear who bring with them expertise, qualifications and water-tight research which, when it eventually makes an impact on the world, will leave the establishment historians gasping with amazement. Here is a list of some of these scholars. If I have left anyone off the list, I apologise as there are just too many to mention:

  • Yair Davidy we are all familiar with. He has published two excellent books with more to follow.
  • Dr Sherrod who has done huge and original research.
  • Dr Mark Kaplan who has done much research.
  • Dr Blodgett who is writing some brilliant books on the subject.
  • Yaacov Levi who is writing a book on the incredible similarities of the Celts and ancient Israelites.
  • Dr Herman Hoeh who has undertaken vast research, mainly unpublished, over many decades.
  • Dr John Hulley who is writing the most rigorous series of volumes (approximately 6 in all) proving the Israelitish origins of the North-west Europeans. His first in the series is due out in February- March 1996 and we hope to sell it in Australia.
  • Steven Collins whose writing is not only scholarly but also very readable for the average person. His book will be printed in March 1996.
  • Gary Arvidson who has written a marvellous paper on the significance of the placement of the tribes around the tabernacle.
  • Raymond McNair has written some excellent articles and I have is brilliant MA thesis Key to Northwest European Origins.
  • Dr James Tabor who continues the research.
  • Raymond Capt has written a plethora of highly readable books.
  • Richard Griffiths, who is undertaking a Ph.D., is also interested in writing a book on the subject.
  • Professor Cosmas Damien Megalommatig whose material we await.

How wonderful it would be to bring these experts, and others, together in a conference. Something to think about and to explore.

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Finally, I want to thank all readers for their continuing support and I do remind you that your subscription may be up for a further year. Please check your label. On this occasion I have not printed the letters to the editor due to lack of space. They will be published in the next edition. I always look forward to letters written to me so, please write in with any comments or suggestions.

The Chaldeans
Celtic-Israelite Commonalities
The Origin of the Nations of S.E. Asia

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"There is evidence that CRETE possessed a high civilization possibly as early as Egypt itself, as is indicated by archaeological finds of both pre-Dynastic and Dynastic types in that island. Crete also had early contacts with GREECE and ASIA MINOR, where many finds testify to the fact, and as is indicated in the similarity of the place-names. There were, for instance, towns named MYCENAE in both Crete and Greece; and a MOUNT IDA was to be found both near Troy and near the Cretan Mycenae. The civilization of Cretan Mycenae, in particular, bore STRIKING RESEMBLANCES to that of the HEBREWS.

'According to a curiously garbled account by the Roman historian Tacitus, the 'Jews' were 'natives of the Isle of Crete' who derived their name from that of Mount Ida (Judah), well known in ancient history and mythology. This story might well be considered fantastic were it not for the fact that archaeological data, as revealed by the late Sir Arthur Evans, proves that an intimate CULTURAL link existed between the Myceneans and the Israelites.

'It is evident that, although Tacitus had absorbed an inexplicably false impression as to the origins of the Israelites, there is a substantial element of truth underlying his story." — The Link, September 1981.


This splendid memorial to Celto-Saxon history was founded, according to tradition, by King Sebert of the East Saxons. Westminster Abbey Church — or, to give it its legal title, the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster — is undoubtedly a focus of Christian worship in the English-speaking world. It is in many respects unique, being neither an abbey nor a cathedral. Westminster Abbey, again, is not subject either to the Archbishop of Canterbury as head of the Established Church or to the Bishop of London in whose see it stands. Yet all the English sovereigns, from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II have received their coronations in it (excepting, of course, Edward V and Edward VIII, who was never crowned). Within its hallowed fabric lie the remains of most of Britain's illustrious men and women. Here, too, is the grave of the Unknown Warrior, who, in the words on his gravestone, was 'brought from France to lie among the most illustrious of the land' and was buried 'in the presence of His Majesty King George V, his Ministers of State, the Chiefs of his Forces and a vast concourse of the Nation....They buried him among the kings because he had done good toward God and toward his HOUSE.'

'For the identity of the 'HOUSE' which the Unknown had served so gallantly the visitor has merely to raise his eyes to the beautiful West Window which lights the memorable words on the Warrior's grave. This massive stained-glass masterpiece, which was erected in 1735, contains four rows of panels. The first three rows are composed of full-length figures, the fourth being occupied by the Royal arms of Britain. To show the significance of this window, its rows of figures are detailed here reading from left to right, the central figure in each being printed in parenthesis: (first row): Abraham, 'Isaac,' Jacob; (second row): Reuben, Simeon, Levi, 'Judah,' Zebulon, Issachar, Dan; (third row): Gad, Asher, Naphtali, 'Joseph,' Benjamin, Moses, Aaron; (fourth row): 'The Royal arms of Britain' — the Lion and Unicorn, emblem of the united HOUSE OF ISRAEL.

'In Westminster Abbey stands the CORONATION CHAIR, beneath the seat of which lies THE STONE OF DESTINY, the stone which, according to tradition, Jacob took for a pillow (Genesis 28, 18). And in the beautiful Henry VII Chapel the Knights of the Bath are installed with a ceremony which dates back to the days of KING ARTHUR. Every part of this building is, indeed, so pregnant with meaning that it would be impossible in a short paragraph merely to catalogue its history and structure. Words, again, are altogether inadequate to convey the sense of awe with which it strikes its visitors. Those who have experienced its atmosphere of peace and grandeur will not find it difficult to believe that Westminster Abbey could, as its name implies, be truly God's House in the West — modern equivalent of the splendid Temple of Solomon — God's House in the East. — (Wake Up! November, 1979).


by Richard Luke

Elam, the firstborn son of Shem, has had a colourful past in the history of Biblical nations. Originally, Elam settled in the geographical region east of Mesopotamia, which became known as Persia (south-western Iran today). Throughout Elam's history, he has shown animosity against God's Birthright nations. In fact, in Genesis 14:1, we read that the leader of the confederation of kings who kidnapped Abraham's nephew, Lot,was none other than the "King of Elam", Chedorlaomer.

Since that incident (about 1890 BC), Elam has been involved in a number of power plays. Before we look at that issue, let us go back to the post-Flood period when Elam was the dominant power in what we call today the Middle East.

At this point, Elam, with its headquarters at Susa (also known as Shushan), was a great empire. This is supported by the famous Code of Hammurabi found at Susa in 1902/03 AD, detailing the fact that this Elamite king controlled a vast, highly disciplined society.
In the 8th and 7th century BC, with the threat of the rising of Assyria to military domination again, Elam and Babylonia joined forces to resist the danger. However, in 645 BC, Susa fell to the Assyrians; later the country came under the dominance of Persia.

The Elamite dislike against Israel again surface during the rebuilding of God's Temple in the 4th century BC (Ezra 4:9). In Acts 2:9 we see a more positive note: Elamites are listed with Parthians and Medes as more involved in the congregation of the Apostle Peter's famous first Pentecost sermon.

Since New Testament days, where did the Elamites migrate to? I highly recommend the manuscript True Origins of the Peoples of Eastern Europe which brings some exciting insights and information never before published on these incredible peoples. You will find the details of how to order this manuscript from the inside back cover.


Here we have another item from History Research Projects in the ongoing series on the modern-day identity of the nations of Genesis 10.

In this manuscript we discover where the Chinese, south-east Asians, Pacific Islanders and American Indians originate. What truth is there to Magog's descendant's settling in the Far East? What became of the sons of Tiras? They seem to have disappeared from the Near East soon after the Flood. What relationship was there between Tiras, the Minoans and American Indians? Do the Pacific Islanders descend from a son of Japheth and how did they manage to find their way into the Pacific?

The cost is only $4.75. Order from USA or Australian address.



Almost, it seems, storming onto the world scene from nowhere, Yair Davidy has produced another fine work that we may all devour!

Where on earth does he get his knowledge and energy? How does he do it? I believe that God Almighty is using Yair and his colleagues in Israel to produce some fantastic material. Yair, where would we be without you?

This new book is really a must. Ephraim brings together so much new information as well as old data, in a very succinct and clear manner. It must rate one of the top 20 of the hundreds of British-Israel/Identity books you could possibly wish to purchase. In Australia/New Zealand order it from History Research Projects - see inside back cover. Elsewhere order direct from Yair Davidy from:

PO Box 595, Jerusalem, Israel 91004

I know that Yair is going to produce a couple of more indepth scholarly works and, speaking for myself, I cannot wait to zap my eyeballs onto the pages of those books which will be full of information.


In Brief

The Chaldeans

Celtic-Israelite Commonalities

The Origin of the Nations of S.E. Asia

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